If you are contemplating putting your Tahoe home in a vacation rental property management program or purchasing a vacation home, here is some information about our company. Please give us a call.

Waters of Tahoe Vacation Properties is located on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe with all of our rentals situated between the mountain towns of Tahoe City and Kings Beach.

Several years ago we started renting out our family home while we were on vacation. We could not find a company that would care for our home in a way that we were comfortable with, so we marketed our home on our own. Other property owners liked our personal approach to the business and soon asked us to manage their homes as well. Our company was born. Even as we acquire more properties, we have never lost that personal touch our homeowners and renters have come to expect. We pride ourselves in our regard to detail, in being straight forward, and in our professionalism.

In order to maximize your vacation rental income potential we advertise aggressively and we stay current with the latest trends in the Tahoe vacation rental business region. This business is in an ever-changing market and we understand the process of continuously changing with it.

  • We promise always to keeps the following principles in mind.
  • We treat your home as if it was our own.
  • We treat your home with respect, not just as inventory. We do not rent to vacationers that do not match the criteria you set for your home.
  • We are here to work for you. You always have the right to use your home when you want to. You decide the balance between personal and rental use.

We built our business on what we would want and expect, as fellow home owners, and in return we have been rewarded with a growing guest return list. Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We look forward to the possibility of adding your Tahoe home to our vacation rental property management program.


Mischel Twining
Owner of  Waters of Tahoe Properties
(530) 546-8904 or (800) 215-8904
CA BRE Broker #01745227